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  1. Venom _ous

    Venom _ous

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    Perfect review.... my say BAN Both

  2. SailorKapdi


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    Samsung next S series is going to kill them both in camera comparison

  3. Fareed Mohamed

    Fareed Mohamed

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    Love to watch you comparision..

  4. Styx in The River

    Styx in The River

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    It's amusing how he holds the badly damaged phones like a dead animal

  5. Lemon Games

    Lemon Games

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    Good job my accounts are all a pack of lies

  6. asuka kazama

    asuka kazama

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    i don't think honor will have to go into these troubles anyway . in the end US will ease the sanctions if not left it completely because there is a lost of lots of money in it for no direct benefits .

  7. yotam


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    Snepdragon! this is why i left Samsung after 10 y'rs. now i am with Xiaomi and i feel thet my phone its better and faster

  8. Ashraf Gonzales

    Ashraf Gonzales

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    For ip13 pro you can adjust how long you want ur night mode shot to be lol

  9. Gabbster


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    Love your vodeos

  10. Lahiru gayan

    Lahiru gayan

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    Another legend back to game arrrhhh

  11. Overview


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    Nice vid

  12. Mitchell LaFrance

    Mitchell LaFrance

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    At a slow pace, Social Media slowly rewiring your brain to be deep obessessive personality. Good luck.

  13. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden

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    Love your videos ❤❤❤

  14. Ant Macina

    Ant Macina

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    These phones make no sense in a world where the Mi 11 Lite is £330 with the same chipset, or the Pixel 6 is just £599. Interesting how long the designs have been finalised for, though.

  15. Zain Ali

    Zain Ali

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    watching this on my Huawei phone, I think Harmony OS is far better than android and IOS

  16. Thomas Müthing

    Thomas Müthing

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    So with the Pixel you can also delete people from photos that are stored on the phone, or just photos shot with it?

  17. Everald Tah

    Everald Tah

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    Did he just use the dead emoji💀😂

  18. Graeme Patterson

    Graeme Patterson

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    Why doesn't China just ban making/exporting Iphone parts? Fuck Apple

  19. Albert James

    Albert James

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    After seeing this pixel 6 pro , man I have no idea what the Samsung is going to bring to the tables. I am pretty sure that is going to be a great comparison but yeah you would definitely have a hard time reviewing it for us ..Looking forward to it! You are rocking it buddy!

  20. Phoenix Airsoft

    Phoenix Airsoft

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    I am watching this on my galaxy tab s7

  21. Shaj Ahan

    Shaj Ahan

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    that "sub to the channel" dailogue won't change✌🏻

  22. I am Ali

    I am Ali

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    You made the review for the honor 50 but didn't made for the flagship huawei p50 pro?

  23. Charlotte S

    Charlotte S

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    Anyone else notice the 4:21 clip ‘courage’ is from one of Arun’s older videos that was impersonating smartphone companies and adverts? I can’t remember the title, but the company he made up for the video was called Passionfruit I think 💀

  24. Aritra Roy

    Aritra Roy

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    I really felt this one. Thank you

  25. LILLY M


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    Who guessed honorable before he said it

  26. Bolarinwa Oniwura

    Bolarinwa Oniwura

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    How many employees does Pixel have compared to Honor? Go figure. I didn't like this episode one bit.



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    I’m surprised the timer phone is never plugged in



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    7:20 Well said!!

  29. Ariel Jacob Majcher

    Ariel Jacob Majcher

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    Camera for Chinese invigilation. Chinese spy camera? Takes photos every time and send it to servers in China so they collect more data on the insights of devices and people?

  30. Nathan Boyini

    Nathan Boyini

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    Me not trusting myself to hold the phone in the window ......arun throwing the phone without any second thoughts 😐

  31. Kalanzi Mark

    Kalanzi Mark

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    My heart skipped a beat with that nonchalant phone flip at 4:35....I'd love abehind the scenes of that part specifically to see if it was that smooth 💀💀

  32. nmhemal


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    that was incredibal is was awsome when the phone was transparent

  33. Monoja Khatun

    Monoja Khatun

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    Finally!! I been waited for this review

  34. Abeer Bhandari

    Abeer Bhandari

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    unban Huawei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Basanti Jena

    Basanti Jena

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    Vid on disastrous apps

  36. Shane Gremory

    Shane Gremory

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    The US banned should never have taken place . Stupid trump decisions

  37. it's Ilinca

    it's Ilinca

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    I got a Huawei ad in the middle of this video...

  38. Jean-Pierre Soso

    Jean-Pierre Soso

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    What phone do you use?

  39. Missaka Iddamalgoda

    Missaka Iddamalgoda

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    It is much easier to share the hardware because of the RnD costs. Just that Huawei's spy case was mostly due to software. So I think they made a Software Company named Honor. That creates software to run on Huawei devices.

  40. geomedge


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    Can we all agree that ios is not good at all and that windows will beat ios in its computers

  41. Lahiru gayan

    Lahiru gayan

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    If you haven't a pixel 6 or iphone 13 pro Nothing to say two are good better than our phone unfortunately 🙂

  42. BubsyBubble


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    I'm a bit late, but the Arabic is actually "check my 2nd story" and "something really cool/nice"

  43. Sky Jet MX

    Sky Jet MX

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    I love the iPhone 13 PRO; I dont like the "Max" version, its too big for me. But the iPhone 13 PRO is out of stock 🙁 @ USA. I'm waiting (hunting) one, at an Apple Store @ USA. If I dont find it, I will special order it, the only issue is that ETA is 3-4 Weeks, but it will worth every penny and minute 🙂💚📱I love Apple 🍎They produce the best Smartphones in the world 🌎

  44. status specialist

    status specialist

    4 तासांपूर्वी

    Im your fan bro . Please review sony Xperia Pro-i

  45. status specialist

    status specialist

    4 तासांपूर्वी

    Im your fan bro . Please review sony Xperia Pro-i

  46. Cody Lanier

    Cody Lanier

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    Pixel just gets better and better every year. Love every one of my pixels and can't wait for my 6 to come in

  47. Alexander Dronie

    Alexander Dronie

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    I have a feeling that the honor is making you pay extra for google play services.

  48. Hindi Hindustani Gamer

    Hindi Hindustani Gamer

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    No one is gonna talk about the phone which got the timer 😂 I bet it was not even 100 % charged for it

  49. Niko Tu

    Niko Tu

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    Hi Arun, you might want to soften up the overhead lighting, it’s too shiny on your face

  50. Amal S

    Amal S

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    I saw something at 3:57 🤣🤣

  51. Awesome Cat Videos

    Awesome Cat Videos

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    I'm sold on the Pixel 6 Pro. I'll never buy an iPhone. They have the worst fanboys

  52. Cuz Im Fxntxstic

    Cuz Im Fxntxstic

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    I literally had a little shock when you threw both phones to the side 😂

  53. Jupiter Torres

    Jupiter Torres

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    I got the Huawei nova 8i and freebuds 4i, totally worth it, I just had to get micro g but I love the phone and my earphones

  54. RiJaD


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    Anyone noticed a ladybug on his shoulder at 1:34

  55. LakasaBlade👑


    4 तासांपूर्वी

    If honor buys Huawei then Huawei is UNBANNED so... umm idk how it works

  56. ꪗꪖkડꫝꫀ᥊


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    Nah i’m just gonna get myself the new Passionfruit

  57. Spacedude_1969


    4 तासांपूर्वी


  58. Gro Patapouf

    Gro Patapouf

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    I've had an Honor 6 a few years ago (at the time I failed to get an invitation for the OnePlus One), therefore this video was interesting to me. I can tell you that what I got at the time for 300€ was mind blowing, even though below the sacred OP1

  59. Vacuous Ritesh

    Vacuous Ritesh

    4 तासांपूर्वी

    4:20 👍 courage

  60. Adrian Batt

    Adrian Batt

    4 तासांपूर्वी

    Hey Arun, Pixel 6 does have a macro facility - it functions through the zoom lens. The benefit of this is you can "get close" without actually getting close and blocking your own light. I think that's a plus point.

  61. jb888888888


    4 तासांपूर्वी

    I had a Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Well technically I still have it but I dropped and broke it within like six months. But while it worked I liked it.

  62. Protyoy Rosul Rafi

    Protyoy Rosul Rafi

    5 तासांपूर्वी

    Believe it or not, i have the exact same shirt Arun's wearing😂

  63. Anna :D

    Anna :D

    5 तासांपूर्वी

    Hopefully they'll honor their customers. Honorfully they still have a chance to prove us wrong 😌

  64. Monilmeet


    5 तासांपूर्वी

    I need help choosing a phone, I'm not sure weather to go for the Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro or the iPhone 11 pro max. This is because I'm not a bit iOS fan but I want a phone with a good camera quality. A help would be appreciated...

  65. Ashish Kumar

    Ashish Kumar

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    Simple example of Pixel 6. By the time actual reviews started to come, phone was sold out on Google's website.

  66. Styx in The River

    Styx in The River

    5 तासांपूर्वी

    Maybe I'm just cynical, but I've never seen a huge company say they're doing something for the environment and not assumed they have an ulterior motive. Corporations are parasitic organisms that manipulate their host's wallets and spending habits to survive, why would they give a shit about the environment??

  67. Resimate Maluleke

    Resimate Maluleke

    5 तासांपूर्वी

    You can also isolate audio on iPhone 13

  68. Sturmius Mnk

    Sturmius Mnk

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    Hahah “am still ugly though” 😂

  69. Steven J

    Steven J

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    this video is very real !! every person should see this !!

  70. Redicrafty


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    Boyz! The joy I get seeing the thumbnails in my recommendations!

  71. Mangena Mahlangu

    Mangena Mahlangu

    5 तासांपूर्वी

    I cabr belive I guessed " honorable" b4 he said it I feel like Steve Jobs now

  72. Jack Hollow

    Jack Hollow

    5 तासांपूर्वी

    DC rules animation. Marvel rules live action

  73. Rickwick


    5 तासांपूर्वी

    Review sony phone

  74. Rickwick


    5 तासांपूर्वी

    Review sony phones

  75. Sheshnath Gupta

    Sheshnath Gupta

    5 तासांपूर्वी

    US banned Huawei because they were afraid that apple is going to go down bcz of Huawei and Samsung.

  76. informo


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    Telugu nitin ka xerox copy

  77. Zed Eon

    Zed Eon

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    Great video, but I'm not gonna subscribe u because I want to keep my recommendation random